How to approach a good looking girl

date a girl

If you have never been the guy to just simply approach a girl and know what to say or do to make her be interested in you, then it might be time to learn how to do that. The first thing that you have to look for is a chance to talk to her without being obvious about what you want from her. Escorts have a special sense for that, so don’t try to fool them, we are talking about normal everyday girls here. Don’t be nervous and always look and behave casually, so they won’t think that you already looked at them for hours thinking how to manage to get them in your bed. An escort Paris might be the right teacher for you, because if anyone had the experience for that, then it will be her.

Don’t say too much

You should get her attention by talking, not tapping her on the shoulders or staring at her until she realizes that. The best thing you can say is simply ‘Hi, are you alone here?’ or ‘Hi, would you enjoy some company?’, but this won’t work in all cases. In some cases the girl will just look at you and turn around and in other cases, she will talk to you, but she will also listen closely to what you say. An escort Paris from 6annonce explains this as the ‘What does he want?’ situation, so don’t mention anything about that, just have a nice conversation. The other approach that you can take is to be the most polite person in the room. That way you won’t draw any suspicion and she will most probably engage in a conversation with you and give you a possibility to charm her. However, some women want their man to be strong and strict, so you can even be very reserved and mysterious which might be the best thing to do.

Approaching a good looking girl

The one thing you should always think about, no matter what approach you choose is to be yourself and very honest. This does not include being upfront with everything you say, keep your real thoughts to you, unless the woman shows you that she is very interested in going in bed with you. Escorts will always do that, just to make it easier for you, but not every woman is as amazing as that.

Always offer a drink, especially if the woman is in company with her friends and seems to be in very good mood. Some escort Paris doesn’t even want to speak a man if he hasn’t offered them a drink, because that is not very polite. Don’t look cheap and all like ‘oh, I can give you the night of your life’ because that won’t probably be the case. Be always nice and engaging, escorts and all women will value that the most. If you are nice then you probably will be treated nicely and in a good manner, just like in any other situation in life. We wish you good luck and we hope you do your best.